3 Signs Your Fall Clean-Up Job Needs A Dumpster

3 Signs Your Fall Clean-Up Job Needs A Dumpster

13 September 2021
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Choosing to rent a dumpster isn't always easy. No one wants to spend more money than necessary, and the added cost of a dumpster rental might seem extravagant for a simple fall cleanup project. Unfortunately, it's far worse to discover that you need a dumpster after you've already embarked on your cleaning adventure.

Instead of waiting until your lawn is full of trash, it's a good idea to evaluate your project at the start to determine if a dumpster rental makes sense for you. While every fall cleaning project will be a little different, these three signs are excellent indications that a dumpster will help you get your job done more efficiently.

1. You're Ditching Furniture

Getting rid of furniture is never easy. The best way to ditch old furniture usually involves breaking it up into more manageable pieces. Sadly, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to chop up most furniture into pieces that fit into standard trash bins. Even if you're willing to go to that trouble, it will be nearly impossible to efficiently dispose of multiple pieces of furniture this way.

Unless you have access to a large truck, a dumpster is usually the best way to get rid of one or more large pieces of furniture. You can break these items up into manageable but relatively large pieces, allowing you to move the debris more quickly without wasting a ton of time on demolition.

2. You're Cleaning a "Junk Room"

Most houses have them: spare rooms that somehow manage to accumulate endless amounts of junk. These rooms may begin their lives as well-meaning storage rooms, but they usually end up filled with items that no one wants or even remembers. You might think you're going to rummage through piles of hidden treasures, but you're more likely to find mostly trash.

If you're cleaning a room like this, preemptively renting a dumpster may be a good idea. Not only will you have a place to throw away the junk you find easily, but you won't need to store it elsewhere as you clean. Once you fill a bag with your poorly thought-out past purchases, you can haul it out to your dumpster and forget they ever existed.

3. You're Tackling Your Whole House

You might keep a relatively uncluttered home, but cleaning projects involving whole homes can generate a surprising amount of trash. Even if you think you don't have too much junk lying around, you may find that there's more lurking in your closets, basement, and garage than you think. Instead of waiting for your house to fill with trash bags, it may be a good idea to hire a dumpster in advance.

Remember that most dumpster rental companies offer various sizes, typically ranging down to 10 cubic yards. Investing in even a tiny dumpster rental can be a great way to make your cleaning project more enjoyable and stress-free. Contact a dumpster service to learn more.