3 Ways To Create A Sustainable Commercial Waste Management Program

3 Ways To Create A Sustainable Commercial Waste Management Program

15 July 2020
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More and more businesses are looking for ways to go green as consumers place more value on partnering with environmentally responsible companies. Waste management is an area where implementing sustainable practices can be simple.

Transitioning to a sustainable commercial waste management solutions program will help your company reduce greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs, and the volume of waste created each year.

1. Reduce Paper Use

Paper is one of the most common items found in commercial wastebaskets. Any sustainable waste management program should start with a reduction in paper use within your commercial space.

Install hand dryers in restrooms to eliminate paper towel usage. Keep all important documents on a shared server online rather than printing out copies for each employee. When printing is required, use double-sided print settings and reduce margin sizes to maximize print space.

Reducing paper use can help significantly cut your company's waste production over time.

2. Consider Composting

Break rooms can be a significant source of waste. Leftover foods, scraps, and some paper products can be composted rather than thrown into the garbage.

A tightly-sealed composting bin can be placed in your company's break room. Be sure that you line the bin with a compostable bag so that the mixture can easily be transported when the bin becomes full.

Community gardens, local farms, or nearby greenhouses will likely be happy to take your composted waste. Simply adding a compost bin to your break room can help reduce the volume of waste your company sends to a landfill each year.

3. Donate Useful Items

A lot of the items that find their way into commercial trash bins can still serve valuable purposes. Anything that is still useful should be donated rather than thrown away. Some examples of items that you can donate include used file folders, old writing utensils, excess office furniture, and electronic items.

Implementing donation as a part of your sustainable commercial waste management program will help improve your public image and let customers know that you care about your community.

By donating usable items to a charitable organization or thrift store, these items can continue to benefit others instead of rotting in landfills.

The proper management of commercial waste is becoming a hot-button topic in today's market. The more waste you divert from landfills, the greater your contribution to environmental preservation will be.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box when creating a sustainable waste management program for your company in the future.